May 2, 2020

Hello Parents,

First off, hope everyone is safe and healthy.  We just wanted to give everyone an update on the communications we are having with our league directors at MYAS as well as conversations with other associations like ours in the area.  At this point in time we are anticipating that there WILL BE a baseball season, with games likely starting around June 1st.  This is great news as I know we would all love to get our kids out of the house an onto the ball field.  That being said we are looking for your feedback as we finalize teams and get prepared to start practicing.  Your feedback is important as it allows us direction on where to focus our energy as we(and others) move forward with team practices(12 kids or less) starting prior to the May 18th date will be ok.  Obviously, all social distancing guidelines will be followed as best as possible by all coaches.  Please remember this could all change tomorrow and depends on how our governing bodies proceed.  Once we officially start we will proceed with registration fees and ordering uniforms.

Action Items:

  1. Please complete this 3 question survey,
  2. Please read the following message from MYAS and the attached “Back to Baseball 2020” guidelines.


March 18, 2020

Lake Elmo Baseball continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the decisions that have been and continue to be made by governments, schools, and leagues that might impact LEB, including the Gopher State/MYAS organization.  These decisions will be considered as we move forward to ensure the safety and well-being of our players and families.

At this point in time, LEB’s programs and meetings are postponed.  However, that could change.  As such, as meeting, tournament, and league play dates get closer, we will provide you any updates or changes.  With so much unknown at this time, we have decided not to release teams or charge registration fees until we have a better idea of how this will play out.

Stay healthy and safe,
Lake Elmo Baseball Board

March 17, 2020

Good Morning-

With the gathering stipulations due to the COVID-19 we are postponing our scheduled uniforming fitting  that was to take place Sunday.  We are also suspending any association or team activity until further notice.  At this time no decisions have been made by our league or tournaments on the future of the 2020 season.  As soon as we have more information we will pass it on.

Thank you for your understanding.






As we get underway with another great season of Lake Elmo Baseball you will notice something a bit different this year with the uniforms.On the tryout shirts, hats and jerseys you will see a purple ribbon with the initials JDP.Hi, my name is Jay Pernu and the ribbon that you see is in honor of my son, Jayson David Pernu who passed away from an overdose on May 23, 2019.The purple ribbon signifies opioid awareness.While I realize that some of the athletes that try out and for and play in the Lake Elmo Baseball Organization are as young as 8-years-old, I truly believe that this is an important enough issue that all ages understand or are at least aware of the dangers of opioid addiction. 

Jayson began playing Lake Elmo Baseball in 2002.I am a member of the Lake Elmo Baseball Board and coached Jayson throughout his Lake Elmo Baseball “career”.Jayson, continued on with baseball and pitched for the Stillwater Ponies during his junior year.He had a very successful season as did the Ponies qualifying for the State Tournament in 2010.In the off-season he injured his shoulder in a casual pick-up football game.He had surgery in the Winter of his senior year and was unable to pitch as a senior.It devastated him. 

Jayson went on to pitch for DCTC (Dakota County Technical College) the following year.He pitched very well but probably too much and experienced shoulder pain.This is where the downfall began.He began taking pain medications and was never the same person.I won’t go into all of the details here but it was a long, hard journey for him and us as well.We didn’t know for quite some time (years) that he had an opioid addiction. 

Tragically, Jayson’s life ended at the age of 26.There are many, many more details to his story.Our purpose here is to give you some insight as to what the ribbon is all about.I thank all of the parents and players for wearing it, honoring Jayson, and bringing an awareness to this terrible disease during the upcoming baseball season.It means so much to our family to know that maybe we can make a difference for someone else.I would also like to thank the Lake Elmo Baseball Board for allowing this to happen.Although I am a member, it was the rest of the LEB Board that paved the way for this.We are forever thankful to them.

I pray as players and parents that you never have to go through this.Our goal as a family is to bring as much awareness and education as possible to this disease.I am more than willing to speak with anyone about this if you need advice or just want to learn more.We miss you Lefty.

Have a great season,

Jay Pernu


Summer Opportunities 

If you are looking for some great baseball instruction and games during the day Stillwater Dayball is perfect for you.  Please click on the following link to register:  2020 Stillwater DayBall


Minnesota Twins and Stillwater High School are hosting a summer camp in Stillwater July 6-10.  For more information please see the attached flyer.  2020 Twins flyer Stillwater