Registration is now open for the 2020 season.  Please click on the registration page and follow the link to our online system.  


  • If you are looking for some offseason training check out the Pony Baseball Academy.  This is held at Stillwater High School and ran by the Varsity program.  For more information:   BaseballAcademy2020



Important Dates:

  • September – 9-10 year old fall baseball
  • November – Winter workouts in the clubhouse begin (please talk to your coach from the 2019 season)
  • December – On line registration opens
  • January – Winter workouts continue
  • February – Dome workouts will 2/14 and 2/21
  • March – Tryouts – 2/28 and 3/6

An important message to LE Baseball families:

Lake Elmo Baseball Families,

Each year as an organization we look back on how the season went and if there was anything we can do to improve the experience for both the players and families alike.  A constant narrative we have heard the past few years is about the travel needed by teams for our weekday league games.   Due to our location in relation to other associations, we have constantly been asked to travel greater distances each of the last 3 years.  Last year alone, we had multiple teams required to travel to New Richmond, Ellsworth, Menomonie, and Eau Claire to name a few.

We also have learned that this was a concern for other associations on the east side as well.  In late September, along with other associations, we were approached by MYAS (Gopher State) about forming our own region that includes teams from the east side metro area.  After much deliberation within our own organization, as well as with other close associations, the decision was made to move from Metro Baseball League, to MYAS (Gopher State).  Other teams that have already committed along with Lake Elmo are:  East Ridge, Woodbury, and Stillwater.  Other East Side teams that already are in MYAS are Roseville, White Bear Lake, and most of Mahtomedi.  There are other associations close in proximity that are still considering their options.

Our goal is to keep travel to our league games less than 30 minutes.  We have worked with MYAS to outline what possible leagues could look like given our estimates for 2020 teams and for the most part seems like 20 minutes would be the average for travel.  At some ages, a little longer travel (i.e. Forest Lake, St. Anthony) might be needed, but that would be the exception, rather than the norm.  Last year alone, we had multiple teams traveling an average of 30-45 minutes for a majority of the games they went to.

What This Means To You:

  • First and foremost, it will be a change of leagues.  Our hopes is that our region for the most part mirrors the high school Suburban East league, so these teams will continually play each other all the way through high school for those that will attend SAHS.
  • Bat rules are different.  USA Bats are what we have used continually through MBL/MBT.  Gopher State allows for either USA Bats or USSSA Bats.  While either bat is allowed for their league games or tournaments, for those that have experienced both bats know there is a difference in performance, as USSSA bats seem to have the balls travel further than their USA Bats counterpart.
  • We do realize that this means we would changing bats again for league play, after doing it two years ago.  This point is valid and was one of great concern for us.  We don’t want families to feel compelled to buy another bat, or have two in their son’s bag, as we know they are expensive.  We are talking with our coaches and taking into account what bats we already have and will ask teams to “share” bats as necessary.  For teams who competed in MYAS tournaments last year, these teams had to carry team bats as well.

We are hopeful that the pro’s of this move outweigh anyone’s concerns.  As an association, we believe this move is in the best interest of all of our teams.  Listed below are the bat regulations for the MYAS league, if participate in a MBT tournament (like our own), and if you participate in a MYAS tournament.

MYAS League Bat Rules (and MYAS Tournaments):

MBT Sanctioned Tournaments (page 4 of this document):

Feel free to ask any questions.


Lake Elmo Baseball