It requires a tremendous amount of work to keep our Youth Baseball Association successful.  All of this work is done by volunteers.  There are many opportunities to help during the season as well as during the off-season.


Examples: Fund Raising

Field Improvements

Field Preparation / Post Game Clean-up

Practice and Training

Score Keeping / Refreshments

Communication and Car Pooling

Please don’t be afraid to give us your ideas or ask how you can help.  These things are all crucial to your team’s success, the quality, and the fun of Lake Elmo Baseball.

All parent participation throughout the year is unconditional and intended for the betterment of Lake Elmo Baseball Association.  Each season, our Team Selection Policy will be upheld.

Many Thanks to all those who have helped in the past, and to all who want to help in the future.

Lake Elmo Baseball Association

Board of Directors